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College Board Completion Agenda

The College Board Completion Agenda website was designed by Infinia Group and implemented by Sourcetop as part of the launch of the College Board’s Completion Agenda initiative. I developed the XML-based interactive web app for Sourcetop using Adobe Flash. The College Board developed the College Completion Agenda to help increase the percentage of American adults with a postsecondary degree to 55% by the year 2025. The web app lets visitors see how close states are to achieving that goal. It also compares the USA overall to other countries for which data is available. The web app also includes the “College Completion Challenge”, which lets visitors test their knowledge of the various factors affecting states’ ability to reach 55%. The app is completely data-driven, allowing the College Board to update the attainment data and show the latest progress. (Site)

A Latino Edition of the app is also online, featuring the College Completion Calculator in place of the College Completion Challenge. Other work for College Board includes the State Capitals Campaign and Teacher Voices podcast apps, and the Young Men of Color game (click the ‘Step Up Your Game!’ link).