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FITC Toronto, Day Two

Day Two of FITC was yet another solid day. It began with Jesse Freeman’s talk on advanced blitting, with some “behind the scenes” looks at how he employed blitting in his bitmap scroller and other projects he’s worked on. It was nice to see a talk about the use of blitting outside of a pure gaming context to improve performance in Flash and/or do things that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

Following that was Ted Patrick with a good overview on some of the challenges in developing for multiple devices/form factors, with some focus on the Nook. After that I wandered over to the Influxis Lounge to listen to a few shorter presentations. I really enjoyed “Put Your Prototype Where Your Mouth Is” by David Neumann, where he talked about some of the Arduino-related side/personal projects he’s worked on. This is one of the over-arching themes of FITC: the importance of personal projects, whether they’re directly related somehow to your regular professional activities (such as the things that James White showed yesterday), or things that are largely separate from those (such as Branden Hall talking about his CNC machine).

In the afternoon, the retrospective talk, featuring Grant Skinner, R Blank, Colin Moock, Branden Hall, and Robert Reinhardt, and hosted by Stacy Mulcahy, was an interesting look back at where each of these developers got their start. It’s nice to see that no matter where somebody’s Flash career is at right now, everybody starts from pretty much the same place.

Ending the day was Jesse Warden’s talk on getting complex designs into Flex. Rapid-fire presentation, but lots of great information and entertainingly presented. Great to see Jesse’s passion for what he does show through in his presentation.