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FITC Toronto, Day One

Day One of FITC has pretty much just wrapped up - except for the possibility of dinner and this evening’s mixer. Today’s sessions were uniformly great. The day started with “Building a Flash Game in Under 3KB” by Chris Black, which focussed on building a “small game” as a way of honing a single gameplay concept. The “under 3KB” idea may be somewhat arbitrary, but the general idea of starting very small and building on a simple game concept is a good one. As a bonus Chris demonstrated his ANT scripts for building and deploying the games to multiple devices at the same time - this is really something I need to look into, but just haven’t gotten around to yet.

After that I spent about half of the next session listening to Branden Hall’s talk on “The Multiplicity and Confusion of Things”, and then moved over to catch the end of James White’s “Back to the Future Part II”. This was probably a mistake - should’ve picked one and stuck with it. But, this is the overall problem with FITC, which, to be clear, is a good problem to have: no matter what you choose to see, you’re going to miss something else that you’ll wish you’d seen.

The afternoon began with the Adobe keynote. Overall, if you’re a Flash developer and/or follow Adobe at all closely, most of what was shown probably wasn’t new to you. The one thing that stood out for me was the demonstration of Molehill running on Android, which looked great. I’m not particularly interested in doing 3-D games at this point, but I’m really looking forward to being able to harness the power of Molehill in 2-D games.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in the Influxis Voodoo Lounge, watching a number of shorter presentations that I really enjoyed. I’m actually starting to think that this is the way to go with conferences: keep the presentations short. As a bonus, the presentations in the Influxis Lounge often lean toward more experimental stuff - integrating Kinect with Flash, for example. So it’s nice to see what’s possible, even if it does mean that I end up wishing for even more hours in the day to play with all the cool things that are out there!