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Ludicrous Software in the App Store

I’m happy to announce that as of a couple of weeks ago (yes, I know I’m writing this a little late - it’s been a crazy month!), two Ludicrous Software games have been approved for sale in Apple’s App Store and are available now for the iPhone and iPod Touch (click the images to go to the App Store page for that game):

Knight's Puzzle for iPhonePoker Solitaire for iPhone

Both games started life as Flash Lite games, and were ported to the iPhone using the Corona SDK from Ansca Mobile. In case you were following all the hubbub around 3.3.1 (i.e., if you know what I’m referring to when I write “3.3.1”), then to answer an immediate question: both games were submitted after I had agreed to the new Terms of Service from Apple.

In terms of the porting process, I’m happy to say that it was entirely painless - there are a large number of similarities between Lua and ActionScript, so if you have a handle on AS then making the jump to Lua is not at all difficult. There are a couple of quirks that you don’t have to deal with in ActionScript - from relatively trivial ones like having a different use for curly braces to trickier ones like having to forward-declare local variables - but once you get the hang of those then writing Lua is easy and fun.

The Corona SDK is also a pleasure to work with. The sample code is very handy and well-documented, and the documentation that comes with the SDK, although it still has a few holes here and there, is very clear. If you’re used to debugging Flash Lite code using trace() commands, then making the switch to using print() is painless - and you get the added bonus of a very robust debugger on top of that (I’m still get used to working with the debugger, so at this point I’ve found print() to be faster; this will undoubtedly change as I work with the debugger more).

Over the next little while I’m planning to write some tutorial posts on various aspects of the Flash-to-Corona workflow, but if you have any specific questions or if there’s anything in particular you’d like more information about, please let me know in the comments!