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Device Central Error: “Pool Capacity Too Low”

I ran across an error in Device Central a few weeks ago, and in the intervening time, I’ve also encountered a few other people who have suddenly run into the same error, so I thought I’d post the fix. The error occurs when you try to use the Snapshot feature in Device Central CS4 to take screenshots of your application running in the emulator. Device Central fails to take the snapshot and reports that it failed because the “pool capacity” is too low.

To fix this, all you need to do is open the Preferences in Device Central, and increase the pool capacity. Here you can see that the pool capacity on my machine is set to 500 MB:


It had previously been set to 5 MB; given that there’s a “Clear Pool Now” button in the preferences panel, presumably Device Central does not automatically clear the pool when you close it down. I don’t think it’s possible to retrieve old images from the pool, so I’m not sure why it’s necessary to keep that old data. And if there is some advantage to keeping it, I don’t know why the button’s hidden in the preferences panel rather than being placed inside the Log window, where you view the screenshots that you’ve taken.

The other odd thing is that Device Central CS4 has been out for a while now, and this error has only started popping up within the last few weeks: it happened to me right before MAX, and at MAX I found out that two other Flash Lite devs had also encountered it recently, and then Mariam ran into this bug recently as well (indeed if you Google “pool capacity too low”, the only relevant result is Mariam’s post to the Adobe Forums). It also makes me wonder if some settings were changed in a recent update that’s causing this problem to start cropping up.