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Nokia 5800 Landscape Bug in Device Central

Working on some landscape-oriented content for the 5800, and happened across a rather annoying bug. I haven’t tested to see if I can reproduce this on a Windows machine, but it occurs in Device Central CS3 and CS4 on the Mac. When I’m in Device Central and rotate the phone (so it’s landscape instead of portrait), the emulator no longer responds to button presses.

To reproduce:

  1. Create a new .fla, and place a button on the stage. Add some behaviour so that you know that you’ve clicked on the button (i.e. configure the ‘down’ state or add an onRelease, etc.).
  2. Test the movie using the Nokia 5800 profile in Device Central. By default, it will start in portrait mode (i.e. screen is taller than it is wide). Click your button to confirm that it works as you’d expect.
  3. Using the buttons in the bottom corner of Device Central, rotate the phone clockwise or counter-clockwise. Now try clicking your button again. The button no longer responds for me at this point. (The file works fine on the actual phone.)

Suggested workaround:

  1. Keep phone in portrait mode, tilt head 90 degrees during testing.
  2. Make appointment with your local massage therapist.