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Button Problems on the 5800

I’ve noticed a bit of weirdness when using button in Flash Lite projects on the Nokia 5800. These sample files illustrate the problem. Here’s how to reproduce the problem:

  1. Start ‘5800ButtonTest.swf’ on your 5800;
  2. Press the ‘submenu’ button to go to the submenu;
  3. Press the ‘back’ button to go back to the main menu;
  4. When you get back to the main menu, you’ll notice that the ‘quit’ button is in the ‘over’ state, which shouldn’t be the case.

If you then perform the same test using ‘5800ButtonTestFixed.swf’, the problem is fixed. If you check out the .fla file, you’ll notice that the fix involved moving the ‘quit’ button over by one frame, so that it is not on the frame targeted by the ‘back’ button. If you do this, the ‘quit’ button behaves the way you would expect it to.

With the ‘broken’ version, the quit button will still work, although in other situations I’ve found that the code attached to that button may not fire at all. (Note also that the problem exists whether you use buttons or movie clips.)