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Flash Font Bugs (Again)

Perhaps my Mac is just plain cursed. A while back I reported on a bug that affected authoring Flash Lite 1.1 content on my Mac using Flash CS3, in which embedded fonts simply would not show up (looks like I never blogged about it). A handful of other people have experienced this as well. I reported the bug to Adobe, but nothing came of it, presumably because it’s not happening to everybody with a Mac. So I’m not sure exactly what the cause might be.

Anyhow, Flash CS4 came along, and the problem was (magically) fixed, so I didn’t think much of it. But now it seems like the curse has returned: when publishing content for Flash Lite 3.x using Flash CS4 on my Mac, dynamic text fields set in the IDE to center the text do not do so. The text is instead left-justified. Changing the publishing settings to something else (e.g. FL 2.x) results in centered text.

My guess is that this is yet another hard-to-reproduce bug and, although I’ve reported it to Adobe, will be impossible to reproduce short of my shipping my Mac to them. As it happens, there’s a workaround: use ActionScript to create a TextFormat object, set the align property to “center” and apply that to the text field. Bit of a pain in the butt, but at least things are showing up the way they should!