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Adobe Mobile Site

Yet Another Announcement from MWC: Adobe has launched a mobile site, The site features apps from a variety of content providers. If you’re in one of the Distributable Player countries, then you can get the Flash Lite player downloaded and installed when you install any of the apps.

If you’re not in one of those countries you can’t get the Player installed OTA. You can download and install an app, but the Adobe Version Checker will tell you that the FL Player isn’t available for your device. I suspect this is because I’m in Canada, not because there’s no player for my E65. Unfortunately, it’s not a particularly informative error message!

But you can still get to the content on If you install the FL player first, by visiting the Distributable Player page on Adobe Labs. Download the player installable for your device (Symbian or Windows Mobile), and install it. You can then head back to on your device, and give it a shot!