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MAX 2008 Tips and Tricks Demo Files

Last week’s MAX conference was a blast - Alessandro did a great job of summarizing all of the exciting new developments in the mobile space for Flash developers, so I won’t rehash those here. Adobe did a fantastic job of putting together an excellent set of sessions on Flash Lite/mobile development, and the other organized events were equally, if not even more, worthwhile to attend. On a general note, it was great to meet a wide range of people who were either involved in or were exploring mobile development - beyond the usual Flash Lite suspects I met a bunch of people from companies all over the world that are seriously considering Flash Lite, and I think that speaks to the current and future health of the mobile part of the Flash ecosystem.

On a personal note, I had a great time presenting in the “Twenty Tips and Tricks” session - unfortunately I think that Monday’s session was not the best of my three cracks at it, but that’s the one that’ll get posted to Adobe TV eventually! As promised, I’m also posting the files that I used to demo/explain some of my tips and tricks. Feel free to use any of the code in your projects in any way you wish. No need to provide any kind of attribution, but if you find these code samples informative and/or actually do use them in one of your projects, please drop me an email to let me know! The files are all for the latest version of Flash, so you’ll need CS4 installed to use them.

Hope to see you at MAX 2009 in Los Angeles - don’t know if I’ll be presenting again (although I’d like to) but even if I’m not I’ll definitely be there!