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Other Flash Lite Sessions at MAX

As if MAX isn’t going to be busy enough this year, I’ve just noticed that in addition to all of the regular sessions scheduled, there are a few other Flash Lite/mobile gaming-related events happening that might be worth a look:

  1. On Monday night there’s a birds-of-a-feather (scroll down to see the BOF schedule) session entitled, The Game Industry: Serious Games, Simulations and 3D Worlds, Casual Games, and Mobile Content. This is taking place from 8:30 to 9:30 in room 2006, Moscone West.
  2. As part of FITC’s Unconference, there will be a session on Flash Lite’s future in an iPhone Dominated Landscape. The session is at 12:00 on Wednesday the 19th, and I think the Unconferences are happening on Level 2 of Moscone West, but don’t take my word on that. This is billed as a panel session (scroll down the page to read the description), but no word on who the panelists will be.
  3. Also part of FITC’s Unconference and not specific to Flash Lite but more on mobile gaming is a session on Monday the 17th entitled, Flash Developers Guide to building iPhone Applications. Looks like it’s a walk through the iPhone SDK and an intro to Objective-C (warm up your square brackets keys!), and how to approach iPhone dev from a Flash perspective. (Personally, I’m starting to think the easiest way is to plunk down the money for Unity and its iPhone plug-in and write a lot of JavaScript, but I could be wrong).

Unforunately, the session in which I’m speaking runs on each of the three days of the conference, and happens to be at the same time as the FITC Unconference sessions, so I’ll have to miss them both. I am curious as to who is speaking at that Flash Lite session, though.