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Not Really a ‘Plan’, Per Se

This CBC article, Rogers caves on iPhone pricing, sort of, is much too friendly:

The company will now offer a $30-a-month plan that allows customers to use six gigabytes of internet data on the iPhone, on top of voice plans that start at $20 plus a system access fee of $6.95 a month. The new plan will be offered until Aug. 31, after which the company will revert to its previous offerings.

Generally speaking, a two-month special offer does not constitute a ‘plan’, except insofar as one considers it a plan to mollify consumers. Seriously, how does this help people who decide to buy a iPhone? “Here, spend two months using your iPhone as much as you want. Just don’t get used to it, because come September that same level of usage is going to cost you. A lot. Don’t thank us. No, really, we’re doing this all for you.” And then:

The 6GB plan is the largest Rogers offers and should be more than enough for what most people want to do with the iPhone, he said. Many websites now clock in around 1MB per page while a five-minute streaming video can use up to 80MB of data. The original plan would have burned through those limits quickly, a problem Rogers has moved to correct.

…for all of two months.