Ludicrous Software

Accelerometer Notes, Part 1

Having had a few days to play around with the accelerometer on the W910i, I have to say that it’s a lot of fun. It’s not without its idiosyncrasies, though. The first one that I’ve discovered makes me wonder if there needs to be another category for Flash Lite implementation, in addition to the usual standalone, browser, wallpaper, etc. modes. Perhaps it could be called ‘pseudo-standalone’.

I think the W910i could be described as having a pseudo-standalone implementation of Flash Lite, because of how the accelerometer is handled - or not - by Flash Lite files, depending on the context in which they’re started. If a swf is loaded from a web server, it will not be able to load accelerometer data; the vars into which the data gets passed (accX, accY, accZ) remain as empty strings. If the same swf is copied to the phone memory and started via the file manager, it will work as intended. When you start a swf in that manner, and hit the left soft key, you get the standard web browser menu choices. So the swf is clearly loading via the browser, but the browser ‘knows’ that it didn’t get loaded via an http connection. (I’m assuming that the browser is allowing or denying the loadVariables call to the accelerometer data.)