Ludicrous Software

SE W910i: First Impressions

A new phone has been added to the Ludicrous Software stable, the Sony Ericsson W910i. It’s the first SE phone I’ve obtained for testing and development, so as a person whose been using Nokias almost exclusively, the last day or so has been kind of interesting. When I first took the phone out of the package, it seemed kind of light and insubstantial, at least in comparison to the phone I’ve been using day-to-day lately, the Nokia E65. (These two phones aren’t targeted at the same demographic - the E-series phones are meant for businesspeople, while the W910i is a Walkman-branded phone - but they’re both red slider phones, so the comparison , at least for me, was inevitable).

In any event, after an initial period of adjustment, I have to say that I’m pretty pleased with and impressed by the phone. While it lacks the Wi-Fi capabilities of the E65, setting up the phone to use a PC’s internet connection is almost painfully easy, which is nice. Setting up the wireless services on the phone wasn’t the most pleasant experience, since the Sony Ericsson service that will send you the configurations you need seems to send the wrong settings for Rogers here in Canada. But that’s pretty much all ready to go now. Otherwise, the O/S is really nice, and strikes me as a nice combination of S60 and S40: pretty much all of the flexibility of S60, but the menus are as responsive as a Series 40 phone (I’ve always found navigating around the S60 menus to be pretty slow).

In terms of Flash Lite, it has Flash Lite 2.0 in the browser (although it feels like it’s a standalone player, as you can launch swf files right from the file browser). The phone also has a bit of a twist: an accelerometer that can be easily accessed from with Flash Lite, as Hayden mentioned a while back. I’ve had quite a bit of fun playing around with this feature, and will have some follow-up posts about it over the next little while, so stay tuned for that.