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Testing Remote Content in Device Central

Adobe Device Central is great for testing Flash Lite content, but you can also use it to test HTML content. Since many phones have Flash Lite pre-installed only as a browser plug-in, it’s great to be able to actually test the content in the browser context without having to test it from an actual device.

The problem with Device Central is that it’s not immediately obvious how to do this. If you look under the ‘File’ menu, there’s only one option for loading content: ‘Open’. And if you select ‘Open’, you get the standard file open dialogue box. There’s no immediately obvious place where you can enter a URL for testing.

Here’s the trick: in the ‘Open File’ dialogue box, select an HTML file to open. You’ll see the HTML page rendered on the currently emulated phone. The other thing you’ll see is a panel on the right-hand side of Device Central called ‘Rendering’ - from what I can tell, the only time you’ll see this is if you’ve opened an HTML page.

Once you have the ‘Rendering’ panel open, you can enter URLs in the panel, and they’ll load and be displayed. This isn’t a perfect replacement for on-device testing, but it’s a handy feature to have. It’s unfortunate that it’s not easier to get to from within the Device Central menus.