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Back From MAX

(Okay, technically I got back from MAX almost a week ago, but I think I’m just now getting caught up!)

Adobe MAX 2007 was a fantastic time; if you do anything with Adobe products then you owe it to yourself to attend MAX. My one complaint - and it’s a good one to have - is that the three-day (four, if you count the pre-event training sessions) conference is actually too short. It needs to be about twice as long if I were to ever have a chance of attending all the sessions I want to see.

It was great to meet a couple of Mobile and Device developers that I hadn’t met before, and to see again the ones that I’d already met (photo here, or here if you want to put names to faces). Although there’s nothing like hanging out with a MaD bunch to help you develop a case of N95 envy!

Next year San Francisco!