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Debugging With Firefox

Quite by accident I discovered something last night which is pretty neat and a nice timesaver. If you open the Firefox ‘view source’ window and hit ‘F5’ (the keyboard shortcut to reload the current page), the HTML code displayed will be reloaded. This is the same behaviour as in the main Firefox window, although it does not show up anywhere in the view source window menus.

This can be a nice little timesaver if you’re writing server-side code to generate some HTML. Instead of having to write/edit your code, save it, then load the page in a browser window before viewing the source, you can jump straight to the source. While it’s obviously helpful to see the rendered HTML in the browser window, sometimes I end up viewing the HTML source quite a bit, because it can be easier to look at the plain old HTML to see what’s going wrong. Reloading the page in the browser and then viewing source can get annoying in a hurry.

Jumping straight to the view source window may only save a few seconds here and there, but it’s a nice option to have available when you need it!