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Shaking Up the Mobile Internet

If you live in Canada and read this post on a few months ago, then this article will be music to your ears: War for the wireless world. Here’s the highlight (emphasis added):

Google’s requests for special auction rules echo those made by would-be wireless carriers in Canada, including Videotron Ltd. and MTS Allstream Inc. The Canadian government is currently mulling what rules will be applied in a spectrum auction to be held next year, and the new entrants have asked that incumbents – Rogers, Bell Canada and Telus Corp. – be blocked from bidding. In an unfettered auction, the Big Three will bid the spectrum up and pay any price to keep newcomers out of the business, they say. Google, which could invariably end up as a bidding partner with MTS or Videotron in Canada, agrees and says participants in the FCC spectrum auction are operating in an artificially de-fined market.

Granted, I’m not particularly sure what the writer means by “could invariably” - those words seem to me to mean rather different things. But the thought of Google getting involved in the Canadian wireless industry has the potential to really disrupt the status quo (and it really needs disrupting).