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New Mobile Gaming Portal Announced

US company SolidLabs has launched Viwawa, a free mobile gaming portal that will feature Java and Flash Lite games (read the news release). There’s one game on the site now (Java, not Flash Lite), a multiplayer fighting game - looks like the focus will be on multiplayer games, creating your own avatar, chat capabilities, and other community-oriented stuff. No indication of what version of Flash Lite they’re targetting. Version 2.1, with its support of XMLSockets, would make the multiplayer component much easier to handle, but it will be a while before that version is predominant on phones.

Also, no indication of whether they’re developing all their content in-house, or working with external developers. If the service stays free, presumably it will be supported by ad revenue. The advergaming model was talked about a fair bit at this year’s GDC Mobile, and people had pretty strong opinions about whether or not it’s a viable business model for mobile gaming. If that’s the model that Viwawa is/will be based on, it will be interesting to see how it works out for them.

(Anybody know what ‘Viwawa’ is supposed to mean, anyway?)