Ludicrous Software

Upcoming Presentation on Flash Lite

On Tuesday, May 22, I’ll be giving a presentation on Flash Lite to New Media Manitoba. Here’s the text of the announcement:

Everyone’s familiar with Adobe Flash on the web. It’s used to create all sorts of engaging interactive experiences, from web sites and games to rich internet applications. But do you know about all of the other places Flash can be found? You may be surprised! At present there are over 300 Flash-enabled devices, such as mobile phones, personal media players, PDAs and more. It has been estimated that by 2010, there will be over one billion Flash-enabled mobile devices in use around the world. The version of the Flash player on those devices is called Flash Lite. Flash Lite is a version of the Flash player designed specifically for mobile devices. Like its desktop sibling, Flash Lite is ideal for the rapid development of compelling interactive content. On Tuesday night, Darren Osadchuk of Ludicrous Software will discuss all aspects of Flash Lite development. From developing your content to selling it, this session will get you started on the road to getting your content in the pockets of consumers around the world. At the presentation you will:
  • Learn about the current and future Flash Lite environment
  • See (and try out) some Flash Lite-enabled mobile devices.
  • Find out what you need, and need to know, to start developing Flash Lite content
  • Learn about the different content types you can create
  • Learn about the advantages and challenges of targetting Flash Lite devices
  • See the workflow, from creating mock-ups to developing in the Flash IDE and testing on a mobile device.

New Media Manitoba meets at the Psych Health Centre on William Avenue, and the meeting starts at 7:00. If you’re in the Winnipeg area, I hope you can make it!