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Flash Lite on the iPod

According to this Wired interview with George White, Senior VP of Strategy and Product Development for Warner Music Group, Warner has done some work with Apple to enhance the album information available through iTunes for a few albums by incorporating Flash content. Think ‘interactive liner notes’.

Apparently, they’ve also been trying to convince Apple to incorporate something similar into the iPod using Flash Lite. This would be similar to what Warner has tried in Japan, so that rather than having a static image of the album cover, you’d get a little interactive experience as you listen to your music.

Does this mean Flash Lite on the iPod? The article isn’t clear as to whether Apple thinks this is a good idea or not. But, remember what Steve Jobs said around the announcement of the iPhone about that device not being open to developers for fear that a rogue app would bring down the Cingular network. If you take that attitude and extend it to the iPod, it’s pretty clear that even if Flash Lite does end up on the iPod it would be locked down from independent developers.

Nevertheless, it’s good to see Flash Lite getting out there in any form.