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Bug in Device Profile Update No. 5?

Adobe just release the fifth Device Profile Update for Flash Professional 8. It includes profiles for a few BREW-enabled devices, but here’s some weirdness: the following little snippet of code should create a text field in the top left corner of the stage, and show the amount of free memory available. When tested in the emulator with the BREW device profiles, the text field is created, but the free memory (or other content) is not displayed in the text field. This code works well on non-BREW devices in the emulator (no idea if it works on the actual BREW devices, as I don’t have access to any).

var intervalId:Number;
function checkFreeMemory():Void {
freeMem = fscommand2("GetFreePlayerMemory");
intervalId = setInterval(this, "checkFreeMemory", 1000);
_root.createTextField("memCheck", 500000, 0, 0, 100, 20);
memCheck.border = true;
memCheck.variable = "freeMem";
memCheck.textColor = 0x000000;

Anybody else experience this, or is it just me?