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Flash Lite Friday, Volume 16

Flash Lite Friday, volume 16Welcome to the first Flash Lite Friday at Ludicrous Software! Since it’s been a while since the last Flash Lite Friday, I took a bit of liberty with the time period, so not all of the following news/info is from the last week. In no particular order…

The winners of the 2006 Flash Lite Application Contest were announced recently. Congratulations to all the winners, and to everybody who entered!

Hayden has put together a great tutorial entitled, Getting started with sound in Macromedia Flash Lite. Hayden is the editor of, which is chock full of excellent resources to help you get the most out of developing audio for mobiles and the web.

There are a few new blogs to tell you about, including Luca Mezzalira’s Flash Platform!, Philip Lam’s Flash Lite Menu Tutorials, Jim Khor’s The Final Home (Jim, if you’re reading this and I didn’t get your name right, please let me know! and the Ludicrous Software Blog that you’re reading and hopefully enjoying right now.

Orison Technologies has released SWF2Go, which solve a pressing need for many, many Flash Lite developers: how to package your content so that it can be installed easily on S60 devices. If you’re targeting those devices, then you should check out SWF2Go. Now, it would sure be great if somebody were to develop software to make it easier to package Flash Lite content so it can be installed just as easily on Series 40 devices (hint, hint!).

The Adobe MAX 2007 site is up, and they’re looking for suggestions for session topics. If there’s a particular Flash Lite topic you’d like to see covered at MAX, let them know. This year’s North American conference is in Chicago - only about 14 hours by car from Winnipeg, so I sense a road trip in my future!

From Mariam Dholkawala we find out that Flash Lite games are now for sale OTA in the APAC region, courtesy of Iguana Mobile.

Flash Lite developers in Greece can look forward to a seminar at the end of April on C++ and Flash Lite. Just another great reason to visit Greece, if you ask me (as if that country needs more reasons to visit)!

Bill Perry from Adobe has a post about a job opening at Adobe for a Mobile and Devices Developer Relations person in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Finally, a Flash Lite Friday isn’t complete without some gadget lust, so we’ll close with this: it looks like the Nokia N95 has started shipping. Hope you’ve been saving your pennies!

Looks like spring might reach Winnipeg this weekend, so I’m hoping for a couple hours of Flash Lite coding out in the sunroom; have a great weekend!