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The New N-Gage, and Flash Lite

Yesterday at the GDC, Nokia gave a presentation about the new N-Gage platform. Alessandro was wondering if it will include Flash Lite. I’m pretty certain that’s not a core part of the plan, and here’s why. I saw the presentation yesterday, and as far as the dev platform goes, only thing that Sauter mentioned during his presentation was C++. He specifically ruled out Java/J2ME because, he said, they didn’t want the virtual machine layer in there, but wanted “native code”.

He did mentioned that there would be some sort of client application that should be available in late 2007 that existing owners of N-series devices could download and install; it would come pre-installed after that point. It’ll have a bunch of social networking features in addition to the content downloading capability. He didn’t specifically rule out Flash Lite - he didn’t even mention it at all - so I suppose it’s possible that Flash Lite content might get included, but at this point there’s no way to know for sure. It would be nice if Nokia would include Flash Lite games in the N-Gage deck, since it looks like it will be a very effective way of getting content right into the hands of device owners.

More from GDC Mobile in the next few days! Day Two awaits!